The UK and Ireland have a plethora of amazing places to visit!…

It might be somewhere you’ve seen used for a TV or movie location, or somewhere you read about or perhaps heard about from someone else who told you about an amazing visit they had there.

Knowing which way to go as you start your journey through these amazing countries is like being presented with a thousand doors and not knowing which one to take! But Mike will help you plan your visit and prioritise what’s most important to you in the time you have. Browse the following links for some inspiration then use the links on the Tours and Contacts pages to start planning your visit!

Big Ben, London. Mike James – Freelance Tour Director & Guide


Steeped in history, and a hugely diverse cultural and geographical landscape, England has an enormous amount of world famous landmarks and beautiful cities to visit, many of which were once the homes of great historical figures!

Big Ben, London. Mike James – Freelance Tour Director & Guide


The land of William Wallace, kilts, and haggis! Scotland is as diverse as it is beautiful and maintains a strong cultural identity in its traditions, events, food, and dress, plus tons of gorgeous scenery and stunning countryside.

Big Ben, London. Mike James – Freelance Tour Director & Guide


The Emerald Isle is the land of a “hundred thousand welcomes” and is as lush and green as its name suggests. Ireland is steeped in history and intrigue and a friendly welcome awaits around every corner.

Big Ben, London. Mike James – Freelance Tour Director & Guide


Passing through Wales on a journey between Ireland and England is an opportunity not to be missed with the chance to stop at one of the quiet and pretty villages which look like they’ve come straight out of a Dylan Thomas poem!

Customer Testimonials

Thank you for all you did during my holiday. I am really grateful for all you did for me. It was wonderful to be looked after and to feel that people cared.”

Barbara Eldred

Rochdale, Lancs

“Mike, you were a superb guide – in all senses of the word. Not only did you teach us tons, but your presence was an invaluable link to England. Many thanks!”

Deb Marchio

Washington DC