The land of William Wallace, kilts, and haggis! Scotland is as diverse as it is beautiful and maintains a strong cultural identity in its traditions, events, food, and dress.

There’s tons of gorgeous scenery and stunning countryside, from the lochs and glens to mountains of the Highlands. Hike to the top of Ben Nevis, the highest peak in the UK, or follow the Jacobite trail to Stirling for a visit to the Wallace Monument. Explore Loch Ness on a boat ride to Urquhart Castle, or discover the beautiful landscape around Loch Ness, which may hide a few secrets too!

The Highlands and the Western Isles are steeped in beauty and tradition. There’s breath-taking scenery and tons of attractions to visit ranging from historical sites to great shopping locations, and fun activities for all the family!… and at the end of the day there’s always a welcoming Scottish pub with a warm hearth and a ‘wee dram’ to help you rest after a busy day of sightseeing!

Scotland is accessible via a range of different airports across the country, or by train from other parts of the UK. You could also include Scotland as part of a wider tour of England, Wales and Ireland.