Ok, so it’s been 3 years since I wrote anything on this blog… what can I say?… “the novelty wears off”?… “times run away with me”?…  “I’ve been really busy with work”?… it doesn’t matter. We’ve all been quarantined and are now dreaming of better times and probably other places than our own 4 walls – yeh… I literally have just 4 walls, and no garden where I’m now living.  Well…  there’s ceilings and floors and stuff if you want to get picky, but the point is that having no outside space is tough when you’re stuck indoors for weeks on end.

So I happened to randomly dredge through the photos on my phone from the last 10 years of living in Bath and I found that I had a pretty nice image archive of outside spaces around the city.  Not only that, but it reminded me about how our lovely little city has so much more to offer visitors than just a quick look inside the Roman Baths Museum and/or listening to someone-in-a-period-costume-who-wants-you-to-believe-they’re-someone-they’re-actually-not, tell you stuff about an C18th writer who didn’t really like Bath very much.  So in these coronavirussy times I decided to start make friends with iMovie for the first time, and I made this little video to inspire y’all for your next trip!… enjoy!